Who We Are

If there existed a checklist for the make-up of congregations that are members of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene would check the following boxes:

  • middle-of-the-road Anglicans
  • vibrant, engaged and multi-talented community of faith
  • a congregation of just over 100 members
  • welcoming and versatile church buildings
  • location in the heart of Prince Edward County

And … three years ago, before the pandemic, if you asked any member of our congregation how they felt about St. Mary Magdalene, they would likely enthusiastically engage you in a litany of achievements of the congregation.  They would probably describe the importance of our record of outreach and involvement in the greater community, the joyful celebration of music both sacred and secular within our walls, and our being a friendly, caring, progressive and inclusive congregation – while making sure you had a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie in your hand.

Have those feelings about St. Mary Magdalene changed?  Can you still hear those enthusiastic voices and see the welcoming smiles?  The respective answers are ‘NO’ and ‘YES’.  The pride in our Church and its continuing role in the life of our community, the love and caring of our fellow parishioners, the pleasure of raising our voices together in song and prayer, and the sharing of conversation over tea, coffee and cookies are still there. These positive attributes have been, and continue to be, tempered by the significant impacts caused by the pandemic.

We are prepared to face challenges, seek solutions, embrace change, and look to the future.

We are excited by it.