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St. Mary Magdalene Church is a very beautiful and welcoming venue for weddings, baptisms and funerals.  Those interested in having a service at the church should contact Reverend Dr. Bram Pearce at 613 476 3303.

The church has a long-standing reputation for excellent acoustics.  Over the years, STMM has been fortunate to host annually the Prince Edward Chamber Music Festival, the Jazz Festival, and the internationally known Music at Port Milford, amongst others. 

The Parish Hall is a very bright, large space which has been used over the past years to host the local Tai Chi group, the art group, as well as various functions including receptions, pot luck lunches, and seasonal festivities, such as the ever-popular pancake supper. 

There are other smaller spaces for rent, and we welcome prospective renters to contact the church office and book a visit to view the areas that are available.

Guidelines for Use of Church Premises

Church Members/Parishioners/Adherents: There is no charge to Church members or immediate family members on the Church roll at the beginning of each Church year, for weddings, funeral or baptisms. A donation to the Church is appreciated. An honorarium for the officiating clergy is often given but is not required. The fee for the organist is $250.00 plus $100.00 if she/he is needed to rehearse with a soloist. 

Non-Parishioners: The fee for individuals without direct ties to the Church is $400.00 for weddings and funerals. This cost includes technical support, lighting and rehearsal time. Custodian fee is an additional $50.00

The charge for the organist is $250.00, plus $100.00 if she/he is needed to rehearse with a soloist. The
honorarium for the officiating clergy is $300.00 and is to be confirmed by the clergy.

Public Event: The rental charge for the Church for a public event is $400 per occasion. The fee includes the provision of technical support, lighting, sound system, use of stage. Custodian fee is an additional $50.00. Any extra use for rehearsal time may be subject to an additional charge. Multiple event uses by the same party may be negotiated with the Church Wardens as appropriate. 

If risers/stage is required for a concert or event, the set-up fee is $300.00

Parish Hall

  • For a continued multi-use contract the rate is $15 per hour. This covers those situations where long-term commitments are made.
  • The Parish Hall may be rented by the hour with a minimum charge of $100 for four consecutive hours. Additional hours will be charged at $25 per hour. Set up of tables and chairs: additional charge of $25.
  • The kitchen may be rented for partial use (tea and coffee) at $50.00 per occasion. Rental of the full kitchen facility including dishes, silverware etc is available at $100.00 per occasion. When the kitchen is in use, a person appointed by the Rector or the Wardens shall be present.

Macaulay Room, Music Room

  • The use of the Macaulay Room or the Music Room is $25.00 per hour.  An additional charge of $25 is required for use of the adjacent kitchen facilities.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Church Wardens.  Any variance to the above policy may only be made by the Church Wardens in consultation with the Rector.

General Conditions Governing Rentals

  1. Any group or individual renting a space within the Church Premises is advised that Church functions such as funerals, weddings and internal meetings of the Parish will pre-empt any rental arrangements for that occasion. Every effort will be made to accommodate renters in an appropriate alternative area of the building with as much advance notice as possible.
  2.  Insurance: Proof of 3rd party Liability insurance in the amount of $2 million is required for organizations renting the Church or Parish Hall. St Mary Magdalene Church is a registered partner with DUUO Event Insurance.
    Duuo provides preferred partner pricing,
    Duuo Insurance
  3. The decision regarding use of any part of the Church premises rests with the Wardens and the Rector of the Parish and shall be governed by these general considerations:
    a)  No organization whose principles, or whose proposed activity on Church premises, are not in alignment with those of the Church, shall be permitted to rent any of the facilities.
    b)  In the case of charitable or non-profit organizations, the church may decide to permit use of premises without charge.
  4. Any damage to, or breakage of the building or its contents will be charged to the organization, group or individual renting the facility.
  5. Parking facilities for vehicles are at the back of the Church property and on the street.
    Fire regulations forbid the use of the driveways for parking for any time longer than to allow passengers to embark or disembark from vehicles or for loading or unloading vehicles.
  6. All users, whether renting groups or individuals are reminded that the Church and its property are a place of worship and that conduct in keeping with this understanding shall be observed at all times.
Basic Fee
for Profit
Set Up
Church$400No chargeNo charge$300
Parish Hall $100 Min.
No chargeNo charge$25
Kitchen: Partial $50No chargeNo charge
Kitchen: Full $100No chargeNo charge
Macaulay Room$25/hrNo chargeNo charge
Wedding$400No charge$250$50
Funeral $400No charge$250$50

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Please visit Duuo Insurance for the required 3rd party liability insurance (see further description in our Rental overview).  When on the Duuo web site, search for St. Mary Magdalene by our address, 335 Main Street, Picton K0K 2T0, not by our name.
Don’t forget to look for the DUUO Partner tag for preferred pricing.