Our Minister

The Venerable Dr. Bramwell Pearce

The Ven. Dr. Bramwell Pearce has been a priest in the Diocese of Ontario since 2012. He earned his BA from the University of Toronto in 2002 and studied theology at Wycliffe College where he received a
Master of Religion in 2006. He was commissioned as a Salvation Army Officer from 2007-2012.
Following his reception into the Anglican Communion, Bram has served in various pastoral ministries throughout the Diocese of Ontario including incumbencies in Bath and Kingston. In addition to his responsibilities at St Mary Magdalene, Bram is also the Archdeacon of Ontario.

Bram was recently awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Redlands in California. His dissertation focused on how today’s digital culture affects people’s sense of personhood, and how embracing aspects of the Christian contemplative tradition may help people engage more thoughtfully with the digital technologies shaping our lives.
This work continues to shape Bram’s ministry. He is passionate about helping people discover their true sense of self, the self that is loved by God in Christ fully, completely, and unconditionally.
When not busy with the church and larger diocese, Bram enjoys reading novels by Wendall Berry, meals with friends and family, and playing with his dog Matilda. He and his spouse Anita are also the proud parents of three sons: Wesley, Rowan, and Thomas.

Our Parish Deacon

The Reverend Canon Fran Langlois

Fran has been a member of St Mary Magdalene for many years. Ordained as a vocational deacon, and a Canon, Fran leads the Prince Edward County Anglican Ministry to Seniors, providing monthly communion services, visits and support to seniors in facilities across the County.

Fran is also actively involved in the life of the parish, and assists most Sundays if she is not called away to other responsibilities.

Our Honorary Assistant Clergy

We are very blessed to have three retired clergy who are members of our parish community. The Rev. David Hawkins served in parish ministry before he retired. Bishop Peter Mason was a parish priest, Wycliffe College Principal, and Bishop of the Diocese of Ontario before his retirement. The Rev. John Whittall served in parish ministry and in various roles at Trinity College in Toronto before he retired.

Rev. David Hawkins

Bishop Peter Mason

Rev. Canon John Whittall

Our Church Wardens

The building and financial affairs of the church are the responsibility of two Churchwardens. They are elected each year at the Church's annual general meeting, which is called the Annual Vestry Meeting, held before March 15th.

The Churchwardens are assisted by Deputy Churchwardens, also elected at the Annual Vestry Meeting. 

Kathy Condie

Herb Stone

Our Deputy Churchwardens

Julie Miller

Janet Howes